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Self acceptance



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Why is it so important to appreciate oneself?  

First of all, it is because our cells work after the principle of self love. It is the driving force in every single cell. All negative thoughts about ourselves reduce the life energy.

Many years ago, I came across a book about how important it is to accept oneself the way we are. It was really a door opener for me, I discovered how important it is to be oneself and not the way other people expected of me, or what the fashion or the perception in the society say we ought to be. The door into self love is always self acceptance about how we look the way we are born.

Being honest with oneself, by stopping and reflecting opens up your eyes to see others. Admitting that you do things that does not serve, really make you grow! The important thing is not to pull yourself down of what you find, but actively work to change your attitude - or to use the Keys of Liberation to let go of old pain and thus negative thinking.
It is not selfish, but the opposite. It always has to be done in humbleness and to achieve non-selfish ways of being.

To dare to do things that you know are right for you even if you know that the others expect something else. It leads to that we grow into our SELF. Then you humbly choose to be the way you are without being afraid.

Self Love without being selfish leads to enlightenment.  Then we are humble and proud to be ourselves, knowing all good values that lead to a good life, not only for yourself, but for everybody else also. It is very important to know right from wrong. Deep inside everybody know this, but it is very easy to lie to ourselves when we want to achieve somethi

All the wounds in the soul is what prevents us, so the path there goes like suggested on these pages. The more we grow into true, humble self love, the more we are letting go of negative thoughts about others and allow them to be where they are on their path. It does NOT mean that we shall allow bad behavior, offence or abuse.

Here's a page I wrote some years back - still valuable