A new direction of thought

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The new knowledge about ourselves

  • This means, that what one particle knows, all particles knows in the same Universe*. The particles that everything consist of are conscious. They can remember, se, hear and smell. They can cooperate to perform YOU! It is the most important insight that will grow forth in human beings in the year to come.

  • This means that we are ourselves and at the same time we are parts of a huge conscious organism where all particles have the same "knowingness". Then it is our true nature to see all others as brothers and sisters, as friends and family. A negative energy from outside of our galaxy has prevented us in seeing this since we were born as a species. It now come to an end and the negative particles are leaving day by day until they are totally gone. Then a totally new approach to life will grow forth.

  • The new direction means that we will live much more fair and honest. We will all work to contribute to a fair and peaceful world for all. We will get insights in how to release our emotional pain and by that how we can achieve enlightenment. In a few hundres years, the world population will consist of enlightened people.

  • The new consciousness will lead to that hierarchic thinking comes to an end and democratic structures where equality is dominating develop.

  • In the years to come we will start noticing that the Creator of Life on Earth is back as himself after having been lost since the human race was transformed and started to develop. This will lead to change at several basic levels of creation. One of them is the end of sexuality the way it has functioned until now. Another is that many illnesses wil disappear. A third is that flies will be gone!

    More information will come about this as we move along

*Universe is a term for the particles in a defined understanding.