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January 20th 2014

Setting free the Great Master of Creation.
For many years I have worked to release emotional pain. I have released by the use of the Keys of Liberation, the way they are described on this website. Ten years ago, I discovered that they brought astonishing insights in how the human psyche works.  I was led to release many earlier lives, even master lives. In the most significant life I released  over several years, I travelled with my thoughts and feelings all the way back to the time when the human race was recently born.  I felt an enormous love for humanity and a very strong driving force to do the release work I did over many years. (Release means facing painful feelings, forgiving and letting go of pain)

To start with, I felt that I had been a creating master who lived among the first human beings because I experienced his life by my own feelings. It happened in a continent which has existed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian Islands were parts of it. Later I understood that his life was placed by programmings in my body cells, so that I could release him. It showed up to be a life of the great Master that created the first living cell and later, many, many animals and eventually the humans. He descended into the physical world to help the very first humans to crete shelter and find ways to develop a community where they could live and develop in harmony.

Already in the spring 2003 I heard the name "Amaron" in my inner ears and later I understood that it was a name for our Creator.
I could clearly see that the kind of pain I released was typical for most human beings... what many people will say; this is the way we are, as humans.
I released many wounds from a love relationship the great Master Amaron had to another being that also descended among the humans. However, that being came down on Earth many years later. I released many typical emotions that occur between men and women today! The relationship between them, however, ended rather disastrous. What I discovered, was that our Creator's feelings have made similar feelings occur in the human beings since then! I realized that we have been his energy up through history... which fits with the opening story  in the Bible saying that we were created in His image. By that discovery, I started to see how we have developed as a species to where we are today.

It was feelings like grief, loneliness, bitterness. Feelings of guilt, shame and inferiority. Feelings of not being worthy, of being abandoned. I realized that I had found a way to free ourselves from patterns of thinking and behaving that were as old as the human race. Many of them had their roots in the emotions of the great master I was releasing, our Creator. This was in 2004-2006.   Since then I have continuously discovered more things about how our psyche occurred and developed.
I was led, not only to our Creator's first lifetime, but to many different life times. I eventually understood how my master guides (St. Germain and Metatron) showed me how our Creator had incarnated as great human beings many times up through history. I understood that the Creator of the human race actually died as a physical human being in that first lifetime and that he ever since has tried to find the way for the human race, without understanding what happened when he descended to be physical himself. His plan was to return to the ethereal world by ascending, which means that he would make the particles he consited of spin from molecular structures to ethereal spinning patterns again, but he did not manage.

I learned more and more to recognize our Creator's energy and who he is. Up through history, he has not incarnated so much as himself, but as parts of himself. He has therefore gained many experiences as many different human beings; artists, composers, musicians, scientists, kings, religious leaders. If you read what I have written about "the particles dance", you will see how our souls are constructed. The many 12 particle "balls" or components contain the different qualities of a soul. Our Creator and other masters have been able to take out one or several components of their soul and placed them in human beings to develop certain abilities and skills.

I also realized at that time how a new understanding of the human nature is needed to find ways for the huge challenges we face on Earth. Especially when it comes to health and peace. Already in 2007, I knew I had a huge, important task for the whole world in front of me. I realized I had to bring my insights to society, researchers, politicians and not at least to news media. However, when I started to do so, I experienced that very few wanted to listen.

That was how I started to discover how the negative energies operate. Metatron told me I had become enlightened several times. I knew I didn't have any negative thoughts or subconscious patterns that prevented me form succeeding! My intentions should have come true, because that is how creation is supposed to work! When we have no limiting thoughts, neither conscious nor subconscious, we should be able to manifest whatever we want. That was one of the most significant things the release work taught me.
Still, I was not able to reach out to people. I had a lot of insights that I wanted to share with everybody, but very few people wanted to attend to my workshops and lectures. I felt that I needed to reach all people everywhere in the world because our Creator's consciousness was eager to help all human beings to see the truth about him. However, instead I got very little response compared to what many other people get.

I understood that there were programmings working against me. It is actually what we call curses. During there years I have learned that they were done in many ways by energies in higher dimensions. To start with, I managed to write and speak and some people listened. I gave workshops and wrote a booklet about the Keys of Liberation that I translated to English. I sent it for free to many people that I knew were interested in self developing, so that they would bring it on. I thought it would make my work known. Very few answers, not even thanks came back to me. Very few booklets were sold.
I worked hard and found new ways... and were stopped again. I have done so numerous times. During the years from 2007 and until now, several masters have helped me by de-programming, but I have worked against the wind until now. It has been obvious that there are forces that don't want the human beings to know the truth about existence. Especially the great master Michael and the master I call Metatron the Father of the Universe of Sirius have helped me. The great master Thoth is now doing a very important job in organizing the energy of the new "Universe of The Chambers of Human Rights" together with many human beings in higher dimensions. It creates the new consciousness that makes me able to reach out to people.

During the last years, I have understood that the dark energy already had started to operate at the time our Creator (who saw himself as androgynous) was walking among human beings in his dear creation, hundreds of thousands of years ago. The being he fell in love with was actually sent down on Earth to make him fall! To rob the mastery from our Creator! It might sound strange that I can tell this, but please understand that during these years I have become familiar with communicating at the soul level, both with people's souls and with the masters' souls and minds.

The being that seduced our Creator was programmed by the negative energy to be loved unconditionally by everybody multiple times, so whatever bad things he/she did, everybody loved him/her. He/she was programmed by the negative energy to believe about him/herself that he was better than our Creator. He/she wasn't a master at all, but our Creator tried to show many things. That being was also programmed by the negative energy to believe about our Creator that he was bad and that he/she had to take over his energy. 
The negative energy's particles have infiltrated and invaded other beings  and used them to work for them the entire human history.  The way the  negative energy has operated has not been discovered until now... because they had infiltrated and manipulated the great masters in ways that they could not see, because they were in the middle of it. Thus the negative energy appeared as seemingly good as long as it was steered by good masters who did their best. The negative particles have more and more lost themselves because they fragmented themselves and put their fragments inside other particles. That is the way they took the free will from the great masters, the origin of the civilizations in our galaxy.

Now we stand at a turning point as the masters have understood how they operate. They win over them day by day!

I discovered that there was a direct connection between the dark energy that had made our Creator fall in his first physical life and the dark energy that have prevented me from being heard all these years. The negative energy wanted to prevent the truth about the human nature to be known!

That is because the negative particles don't want to release themselves... They have not known how. They have forgotten their true nature as particles, because they started to program themselves to forget their pain millions of years ago.

Their ways, that have held our Creator imprisoned by programmings, have also to a large extend influenced the human psyche. Their way still makes most people avoid to face emotional pain instead of releasing.

And do you know what? - I discovered that it was the same negative energy that seduced and stole our Creator, that was behind the guide who had pushed me to release! He too was used by them.

The masters that were ruled by the negative energy had planned to use a few human beings to create release energy (healing energy) to multiply to be used for all. They didn't see it as wrong at that time. The energy from some people's release work of many, among them mine, was used without honoring me for what I did.
The masters have found out now that it is not possible because as human beings we want to be ourselves! Healing energy that is brought into someone's body from outside, consist of particles that don't know the person's own soul. Their memories that cause the pain is their own, and to get well they must realize what cause the pain in them. It is our own experiences that give us our growth and development.

All the particles that our soul consists of must be released to be happy after having experienced painful things. Until now, they have tried to forget and pushed away what was painful, and thus stored more and more pain. As humans we need to do so by facing the pain in them (our emotional pain), realize what we might have done wrong and let the soul spin the particles counter clockwise. That is what the soul does at the soul level when we are willing to face pain. That is what existence is about. Growth is experience and learning by our mistakes. It actually happens at particle level in us!

The last 10 years have been like a long detective story, continuously working to help our Creator Amaron to be himself and be able to free himself from the negative energy. I can tell you, my life is a true adventure! However it is also very hard because it has caused a lot of pain and until now very few have listened to me. Continuously I help the Masters of creation to de-program and find new solutions. This page can tell you some of the result of my work. Still I am waiting for people around the world to invite me to tell the story of creation in a new angle. Take a look here.

I have not known until recently that Bh's (Our Creator's mother's) first particle was placed in my mind in 1990, not knowing who she was... She has found back to her memory by being in my mind, by releasing herself along with me. I have released several of her lifes ( Pharaoh Nefertiti, Mother Mary, queen Victoria among them). MORE She has taught me very much about particles nature and origin. Now, she is able to gather her soul components and be a being in higher dimensions.
I have had a fantastic journey of learning from Bh's awakening as she has learned what I have learned along with me for 23 years. By her awakening, I have learned very much about the origin of existence. MORE

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