Keys of Liberation
Painful emotions start dissolving when we are willing to realize what we actually feel.

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Keys of Liberation

Using the tools

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The inner child

Irrational patterns

Letting go of attachments

Self acceptance



The Keys of liberation are based on experiences during many years of deep release work and eventually studies of the nature of life energy. Memories are stored in our cells. The soul, that represents our feelings, are connected to the entire body. The difficult feelings may become physical pain in the body. Almost all kinds of pain are caused by subconscious feelings. It's one of the main reasons it's beneficial to remove emotional pain. It is possible!

Another important reason to work with the keys of liberation are feelings from painful memories. They lead to negative, limiting thoughts and make us criticize ourselves and each other. By these keys, you learn to set yourself, as well as other people, free. The reward is that you see new opportunities, gain greater self confidence and feel more secure. You can even remove fear.

About my book that is ready to be published in English
Coaching in the use of the Keys of Liberation

My theory is that life energy is love in every single cell. It is what makes the cell we develop from (the fertilized egg cell) have the driving force to devide and start the process that life is. The cells must have been programmed to love themselves at the time life on Earth started. I think, this is the secret that makes life carry on continuously.


Our nature is to feel good, so we always have the tendency to push painful emotions away. The true nature of our soul is love and joy. So we suppress our feelings when painful situations occur in our lives. We try to cope the best we can... many of us goes on as if nothing happened. However, those feelings that we push aside don't leave us. We push them into our subconscious where they keep repeating the pain. They come up to the surface as "but" or sighs or repeating expressions. They are reflected in the body language and they create our emotional reactions.

Our soul has less logic reasoning than our mind. The wounds in painful situations creates "rules" inside of us, that repeat the pain.  The soul thinks about the pain, that this is the way it's supposed to be! The wounds create "belief systems" that form our lives. Thus, the emotions being triggered in our daily lives are the 'indicator lamps', blinking to tell us what is hidden inside. 

Revice March 5th 2013: I developed the Keys of Liberation in 2004 together with a friend, Aileen Strand. Along the way, they have had the name Acceptance keys. The most important thing for us then, was to accept our feelings as a part of accepting oneself. We discovered that something "magical" happened when we accepted our feelings in detail. We learned to let go of even very painful memories.  I now use the word "realize what I feel" when I use the Keys of Liberation and when I coach in the use of them.

Willingness to face our painful feelings
The way I have experienced to be the most effective, is to realize exactly we feel.  Most people are so used to push away feelings that it takes time to get used to express the feelings loudly. It is very important to realize that our feelings are our own, whoever caused them. It means that we need to express our emotions to those who cause them! The usual way is to blame the situation or the people who cause the anger, sadness etc. - But those people cannot dissolve what is stuck inside you when you feel pain! Only YOU can realize what you feel, forgive and let go of what you feel.
Besides, we can only let go of feelings we are willing to realize that we feel. For example. If you in a certain situation hated your father for something he did to you and at the same time you love him for being your father, you may have a difficult relationship to him. To solve such pain, there keys are great. They help you sort out the emotions so that the relationship between you and your father becomes good.  

Therefore, the situations that trigger your feelings are the gold mines in your life!  When you are angry, irritated, sad or feel guilt... stop and realize exactly what you feel instead of blaming the person or situation that caused the emotion.  They show something you once suppressed because it was too painful to feel. The situation is a gift to you, to see yourself. What works the best is to be absolutely honest with yourself!

In most cases it is necessary to search for what is behind your reaction. To find the root in your childhood , youth or in an earlier life is very exciting when you know how to deal with it!  Your life becomes like a detective story! The buttons above will help you on your research journey to find your hidden emotions and accept them as thoroughly as possible.

Forgiving dissolves what we are carrying
When we have realized what we feel in a memory, we need to forgive both ourselves and those involved in the situation.  What is most the significant in this method, is to even forgive what we feel when we go back to a memory. All feelings that are not loving and positive, create negative thoughts.
We also need to think through whether we need to ask somebody of forgiveness. You don't need to go to the person to forgive, if that is difficult. You can sit down, close your eyes and see the person in front of you whilst speaking to his/her soul. When you really mean it, you dissolve the pain in you. If you want them to forgive you, the best is to go to the person to ask of forgiveness. This works for those who have passed over too. What is important is that you really mean it.

To be able to forgive in difficult situations, it is necessary to feel what it was like there and then, in the memory... and at the same time be the person that you are now. To do this in a good way, I recommend  to use the "Inner child technique" by imagining that you are an adult go back to the time and place where you were then. Going into the memory might get many more feelings come up. If so, you need to go back to realizing what you feel again.
You need to see that the person who hurt you, or offended you, or made you angry, was carrying his/her baggage of memories that made him do what he did. See, that all human beings are on a journey through life, and that you don't know what kind of pain the other persons have experienced ... It is often our baggage of memories that makes us do bad things to others.. Try this perspective when you find it hard to forgive!

Comfort and love
We do not need to be perfect! We simply need to do our best. The life energy allows everything to unfold, without judging. It is we humans who have the tendency to criticize ourselves and each other. Stop it! Allow, like the life energy allows, but stop people if they do bad things to you or others!

Love for yourself is the 3th key and necessary to get balanced and grow. When you work thoroughly to release yourself, you will start accepting and loving yourself as the one you are. You will become whole as a person without longing.
When you are realizing exactly what painful emotions you feel, it is as if you  "turn the knife" in the wound to make it bleed... wounds need to bleed to be cleansed.. you need to empty yourself. Let your tears flow if you have tears! Forgiveness makes the wound start growing... the love for yourself heals your soul and thus your cells. 

In most of the situations when I counsel people to help them use these keys, I recommend them to imagine that they are back in the memory, to take themselves on the lap, if it is a childhood memory... or as a close "friendship situation", if they are adults... make the situation as real as possible and give all the comfort, understanding and love that you are able to, from the one you are NOW.  Then, when the one you were is happy and secure, ask your inner child if they want to live in your heart.  If that is OK, you can go on. MORE  

I came to the conclusion that life energy is our body cells' love for themselves about 4 years ago after having observed life in this angle since 2004. Using and teaching the Keys of Liberation has strenghtened this theory and I am ready to present it to scientists who do research on cells. 

 CD "A guided journey to the Inner Child"

Letting go
Sometimes it's enough to realize and forgive and the pain dissolves. Nevertheless, it's necessary to look back to feel if the pain is gone. You need to be willing to let go!  We sometimes need to make an active decision to let go of the feelings and thoughts about the situation, to put it behind us. If you aren't willing, there is probably more to realize and forgive... or there is another memory that created similar emotions in you that is waiting to be released.

After working through our emotions by realizing, forgiving, loving and letting go, be grateful! Thank your soul and your cells for the work and cooperation

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