Keys of liberation

Keys of Liberation

Using the tools

Emotional map of the body

Finding the  memory

The inner child

Irrational patterns

Letting go of attachments

Self acceptance

The willpower


The challene to learn something new

The life energy is available for you continuously or you would not be sitting here reading. It is always present as self love in your cells. It is up to you to use the magnificent gift of life.

The most useful question I ask myself when dealing with things in my life is: Does this serve me? Then the next: It this bringing joy? Do I learn and develop by it?

There are many things in our daily lives absorbing our energy. Our days are full of passive entertaining offers, do they give a meaning to life in the long run?  Most of us know what we have learned to do to be healthy, decent and what we ought to do, and when we are not able to because of distraction or lack of willpower we feel guilty and ashamed. 

When it comes to radio and TV sets, we have on and off buttons.

When we are dealing with Life, we have the free will. Sometimes we need to pull ourselves up by the hair.. It's worth it!

Life is real. The life energy is here as a fact, actually even more real than any mobile phone...!
When you reflect, you can easily find thousands good reasons to appreciate and enjoy life.