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The cells' enormous capacity - and about enlightenment.

Because of the physicists' discoveries, we know much about particles. Based on that, but by a different approach (logic reasoning) we can all see that living cells must contain more than atomic structures! - Because they are ALIVE. As humans, we grow, we develop and we have the ability to move in many different ways.

I have found a way to show that cells are conscious. It is traditional science's "mechanical" approach to existence that prevent them to find answers when it comes to the cells' conscious abilities. We actually consist of conscious particles, forming atoms and molecules, which form both ethereal and physical cells existing in the same "space". Inside of the physical cells there are  particles spinning as ethereal energy making them alive. They were programmed to perform like that at the time physical life started on our planet. Life on Earth exists because the light particles of our solar system are programmed in ways that keep maintaining Life on our planet. After fulfilling life tasks (when dying), the particles make the ethereal energy leave the physical body cells.
I have found out a lot about what makes the body live... and more! What is needed to become enlightened.
Inside of the human body structure, which is vibrating space, there is also soul energy, which is a person's feelings, qualities and driving force.

Our cells remember all the memories and they are directly connected to the mind and the soul by the energy system. (first picture to the left)  By that, they have the ability to connect to the Universal wisdom.  This happens because of the nature of particles. What one particle know, all particles have access to. The light particles of a solar system have the ability to communicate with each other.

However, it is the emotional pain and by that, the limited thinking, that prevent human beings to have direct access to the universal wisdom. From the moment we are born into this life, we encounter smaller and bigger situations that we experience as painful. Situations make us conclude for ex. "I am not good enough" about painful things at the soul level. We create subconscious, limiting thoughts that prevent us from seeing the fantastic possibilities that are in front of us as human beings.  The cells have a central role in the development of a human being, because they develop their wisdom as the soul and mind develop.

Inside every cell, there is an ethereal "cell". It is light particles spinning as of Flower of Life balls. (Second picture.) The ethereal energy is invisible to our physical eyes. Consisting of light particles that connect to each other by spinning from one circle to the next continuously. The particles actually form a "duplicate" body of light by spinning this way in every cell. This is the body with which we travel on when we die. Without it, we would not be alive - it is actually the energy that make every single cell perceive itself as part of the body.  In this energy the cells keep the memories of the person - because every single particle have the ability to remember! When a cell is shifted, the cells around it must teach the new particles the memories and programmings. The cells are led by the stem cell and relate to the entire body and to the energy system vibrating through and around the body.

The soul represents a fundamental part of us. It doesn't only represent our feelings, but our spectre of qualities. The soul has its own mind. The soul's particles spin the way it is described here. It's nature is very different from what we perceive with our mind's linear perception. Our soul is operating crosswise time and space. It is situated in the middle of the chest and at the same time it is present with its vibration in every cell. It can expand far out of the body. We might leave our bodies during sleep, being our souls and ethereal bodies. When we think about a person with love, for instance, our soul vibration is present with that person immediately - a component of particles of our soul is then present in the person's energy field.

When we learn by our experiences and draw conclusions that make us grow as humans, our soul is getting more components, even when we learn from our practical work. We also grow when we are able to face, forgive and let go of the emotional pain. Then we gain true wisdom as eternal beings and see more and more about existence. When we have released a certain number of memories so that we have gained the wisdom from it, the wisdom of the cells also increases! It leads to, that the flower of Life pattern gets tighter! We can actually get enlightened many times.

The more enlightened we are, the more flowers in the ball.You can draw the structure of a diamond inside of the ethereal cell when drawing the lines between the crossing points of the flower of life ball. (Third picture) 
When we have reached that level by release work and increase of frequency, we are able to ascend by our own efforts and the ability to direct the particles by our own thoughts. It means, that you can make your physical cells spin as only ethereal energy, so you become invisible for the physical eye. You transcend the physical body into the ethereal world without leaving the physical body, like we do when we die. This is a future perspective, but it was also the purpose for life in the first millennia of human existence.

The picture of the diamond structure, I found on Internet some years ago. It is copyright marked OFS and I would like to get in contact with the person or firm who owns it to pay for the use. If any of my readers can help me, please email me.

The greatest masters' consciousness can be everywhere.  Masters are multiple enlightened.  Their consciousness can be present everywhere in the universal consciousness and at the same time they can be present as themselves at one "place". They are co-creators of this universe.
They have taken into their souls the good abilities achieved by the human's experiences through the millenia. From the start, they brought their own soul qualities to us so that we now are parts of the same energy. Thus we have the seeds of all the universal qualities and we can work actively to enhance them in ourselves.
As long as human beings hold on to our old thoughts, we hold on to the old solutions, limited by our lack of knowledge about how existence work. Humans have been like "universes" inside the universe. When we let go of the old ways of thinking by releasing our souls, our cells get connected with the rest of the Universe. When we reach one time enlightenment, our cells' consciousness reach far outside the body and we start reasoning in a new way.

Physically, every cell in our bodies is as complicated as the entire body!  The biology has all information about the physical function of the cell - which is fantastic. If you want information about the physical function of cells, please turn to the biology! I have limited knowledge about that and I have not felt that it is my task to learn about it.



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