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Dear reader,
In Norway we have an expression we call "The woman againt the stream" - meaning a person who is stubborn and goes against the mainstream. I guess I am such a person i others' eyes. I have walked a path of life that has shown me quite a new truth... which again is giving me the driving force to share my insights with readers all over the world.
I live on an island called the fantastic name Engeløya - Angel Island. I love to go for walks in the nature, even on mountain tops, and most pictures on my website are taken by myself.


This webpage is the result of many years of search, release work and cooperation with masters in the higher dimensions. The page has changed name several times and the contents has been coloured by different energies along the way, but all the time I have been true to one thing:
Accepting our painful feelings instead of pushing them away leads  to insights, to ability to  forgive, and let go. It opens us to more and more insights because we by releasing pain and thus the blockages of our energy system, we connect constantly more to universal consciousness. By releasing our souls we remove limited thought forms and our energy field expands. When we along with our release work learn to appreciate and love ourselves for who we truly are, we eventually reach enlightenment. It actually means that the particles we consist of at the ethereal level vibrate in the same frequency as the universal consciousness.

My searching started in 1986, being curious about near-death-experiences. The following years I read about reincarnation and life before and after life on earth. I also experienced to let a lady lead me into a regression where I discovered that I was a poor young boy in one life time and a monk with the name of father Timothy in another... I also received personal channellings telling me the need to learn to love myself to be able to find peace and happiness. I worked with this goal for many years and started eventually to give workshops. Being a drama teacher I included my life knowledge in a joyful setting, playing games learning to let go of fear and insecurity.

In 2000 this brought me on to go to workshops where I learned to raise the frequency in my body cells. I learned about the Flower of Life and how this pattern exists in everything alive and at the etheric level of existence. Later, I have learned much from the masters about how to apply our thoughts to influence the particles we consist of by visualizing colours and Flower of Life forms. The particles learn from our visualizing how to spin in new ways!

I kept on searching to find ways because I discovered that emotional pain and negative thinking led to physical pain. In 2004 I met Aileen Strand. Together we developed "The keys of Liberation". It is the principle I still use and teach. During my path, having much resistance from my surroundings, the keys have had different names, among them the Acceptance keys. - It seem to be the astonishing about them; the fact that we need to accept our pain to be able to let go of it. For many people this is quite a challenge to understand. You find these principles on this website. They have brought me and several others to enlightenment.

Inger Susæg  

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From Angel Island. (Norway)