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This website reflects a completely new view at existence. It is based on insights that have grown forth in me through many years of release work and as a result of that, ability to communicate with the all dimensions of existence.

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"I am convinced that "the meaning of life" is joy by using our abilities, qualities and skills in the best possible ways and joy by developing and learning through our experiences."



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I wrote these reflections:
Search for answers

Eventually un understanding emerged: Particles are conscious!  First I realized the fact that our cells are conscious because I experienced it by communicating with them. - I understood that everything alive is conscious because of the cells' abilities. And then, after many years of studying, I realized what is very obvious: We are conscious because the particles we consist of, are conscious!
What one
particle knows, ALL particles must know or life could not exist the way it does. The particles must have the ability to communicate with each other, or life could not develop the way does. As we have developed life on Earth, the particles have developed a growing knowledge of themselves and existence. However, as a conscious species, living in the middle of consciousness, we have not been able to see our own nature.
We take so many things for granted. At the same time we have not had the ability to see until now.

We are conscious throughout our beings. Our thoughts don't come from the brain
, but a cluster of light particles in the centre of the head. The brain is a transformer. The memories are stored in the cells.
Our perception is in the field around us. The intuition is all the particles a person consists of, all together, connected to the mind. They are not only in the the physical body, but in the ethereal body.

Actually it is very logic that particles are conscious when you reflect on atoms. How can the same electrons form all the different nature elements and all the different connections between them that perform physical matter? They know how! Particles have a tremendous capacity of consciousness and memory. Think of all the information in a tiny seed, in an egg cell or a sperm cell!
We know that atoms form the structure of the physical plane of existence, that is,
everything we can see with our physical eyes here on Earth and what we know exist in Cosmos. They also form what we perceive as living things, people and nature. Actually, those particles mostly have their origin in the sun (!). We know many other things in existence that we cannot see! We are in fact conscious. We cannot deny that we are made of more than atoms. If we were made of atoms only, we would be statues of stone, and not people!

There are basically
four main types of particle spin / work that I have found:
  • Particles that form matter, spinning as atoms and molecules in all structures of all nature elements
  • Particles that form structures of ethereal energy, which is the energy of the world where dead people go when leaving their physical body. It is also very important for us to know of, to find how the physical body functions.   
  • Particles that form soul energy, that have fantastic abilities to fill a physical space (the body) and to expand to what/whoever we think of and feel something about.
  • Particles that our mind consist of is a cluster of particles at the centre of our head that are connected to the rest of the human functions by the consciousness field.  

I have learned by my studies that all particles actually were the same kind of light particles at the very beginning of existence. However, the particles that form physical structures on the planet, sand, stone and mountains, are mainly performing that - the basic ground for our physical life. Mainly, I think the different kind of particles that the physicians have found shows the different ways that particles are able to spin. The human beings consist mostly of particles with the origin in our sun. I have discovered that water actually has origin in our sun. Particles of light are able to spin in all elements and able to create oxygen and hydrogen - and the connection of them, water.

There is one kind of particle I ask you who are physicians to stop studying! There are negative particles that don't belong here. They came from an origin outside of our galaxy millions of years ago. They are causing most of the conflicts, rebellions and wars on Earth. They also cause allergies and many illnesses. They have only been spinning clockwise, meaning, they have not reflected and renewed themselves by spinning themselves counter clockwise in the sun, which is all light particles' true nature. The negative particles must return to their origin to realize what they did wrong and to spin counter clockwise in their origin sun. There are several of the articles at the NEWS page, telling about them and how to get rid of them.  They have not the abilities that the particles of our sun have.
We humans
have been kept ignorant of our nature
by those negative particles' energy. They have partially ruled our consciousness since our species was created. That energy, that has fed us with limited thinking, must leave the planet and the humans.  Then humanity will really awake to a totally new understanding of life and of ourselves

During the last 40 years we have gradually lost many good values. We need to co-operate to agree on one new direction for humanity! The most important thing we can do right now is to change our attitudes! On this page you can work actively to strengthen the good qualities and values in you to see how to co-create good lives and societies where we are able to live in fairness and peace. You find a list of all the good universal qualities as well as the corresponding colour frequencies, put up in co-operation with the masters of our origin.

It's humanity's huge challenge to see that we limit our thinking and vision because we deny painful feelings.

When we don’t allow ourselves to feel painful feelings and to forgive so that we can let go of emotional pain, we block the life energy, our ability to believe in ourselves and we limit impulses from the particle wisdom that is available for us.

Suppressed painful feelings leads to lack of life joy, lack in believing in what is possible to achieve - and it leads to physical and mental disease. We simply need to learn how our body, mind and feelings work together... We need to see and understand that the answers to most challenges we face in the world can be found when we free ourselves from emotional blockages. The suppressed pain in the subconscious prevents us from connecting to higher consciousness. The more we release our soul, the more we are able to connect to our Self, the centre of our soul which gives an expansion of understanding, far beyond what is common for most people today. It is possible for everybody.

How to get there? By realizing exactly what we actually feel, instead of pushing painful emotions away.  I warmly recommend these Keys of Liberation.    A book about the Keys of Liberation is available in Norwegian waiting to be translated into other languages.

My knowledge is based upon a huge amount of work. 
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