Dear readers of my work,

My writings are now concentrated on particles' conscious abilities to find a basis for a new understanding of existence.
It has been difficult to update the work I have done through many years on this website, so the contents are deleted from the web.This page it will close down August 18th 2018

Having found a lot about the true nature of particles, I write about

  • the origin of existence

  • how to prove that particles have conscious qualities

  • the origin of life

  • cells' conscious abilities

  • the transition between life on earth and life in the ethereal world (What happens when we die) and how it is to live in the new dimension around the Earth..

You find some of what I have written  here,

The domene name "earthgrids" and this website was founded at a time I got a lot of information from the highest ethereal dimension about the grid systems that previously have been used to influence human consciousness. As there are huge changes going on at the master level of existence around the world. The masters have stopped using grid systems as tools for development. Many laylines is still present around the world, but they represent old energy/consciousness and the masters work to delete them.

The release system "The keys of liberation" that I developed together with a friend back in 2004, is still available at this site until it close down in August. The method led me to enlightenment and ablity to connect to all levels of existence. To achieve that, you need to work very thoroughly.

Inger Susæg